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Body Care

Perfumery Solutions help you to bring all the elements together to create the perfect scent for your Body Care Product, broaden your market and strengthen your brand.

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Baby Care

Our Customers will have access to our fragrance library, which houses thousands of formulas suited to a huge range of markets, namely Baby Care Products.

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Fabric Care

Using cutting edge technology and framed micro-encapsulated perfumes, our carefully selected laundry care fragrances work harder, last longer and are more affordable than the industry average.

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Home Care

Home care fragrances are exceptionally important to the consumer and can have a notable impact on the success of your brand.

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Air care

Air care products such as air fresheners, scented candles, diffusers and room sprays are all about fragrance. Their commercial success stands or falls by the characteristic and behavior of their scent.

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Fine Fragrances

Creating a fine fragrance demands the ultimate in quality ingredients and sophisticated formulations. Perfumery Solutions, with almost 3 decades of experience, is specialized in bringing all the elements together to create perfection in a fragrance form.

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