Formulations - Your Marketable Products

Formulations - Your Marketable Products

PS Role as Fragrances Pioneer extend beyond selling essential oils, PS have the responsibility to Our Customers to share industry guidance and best practice in real time. We are the trusted advisor to many of the brands through Fragrance Formulations Expertise, take care of the Project from Idea Scratch to Fragrance Final Delivery. Email us to learn about what we can offer you more!

Air care

Air care products such as air fresheners, scented candles, diffusers and room sprays are all about fragrance. Their commercial success stands or falls by the characteristic and behavior of their scent.

Baby Care

Our Customers will have access to our fragrance library, which houses thousands of formulas suited to a huge range of markets. This invaluable tool enables us to provide a constant supply of fresh and exciting fragrances for Baby Care products.

Body Care

A fragrance is fundamental to the success of a body care range, as it shapes the entire consumer experience and perception of the brand. Be it for body mists, shampoos, for cosmetics or even a face cream, we will work with you to create the perfect scent.

Fabric Care

Using cutting edge technology and framed micro-encapsulated perfumes, our carefully selected laundry care fragrances work harder, last longer and are more affordable than the industry average.

Fine Fragrances

Creating a fine fragrance demands the ultimate in quality ingredients and sophisticated formulations. Perfumery Solutions, with almost 3 decades of experience, is specialized in bringing all the elements together to create perfection in a fragrance form.

Home Care

Home care fragrances are exceptionally important to the consumer and can have a notable impact on the success of your brand.

Formulations Features

We work closely with our clients during the development of a fragrance. We work with an extensive range of advanced technical solutions to ensure the adequate application and the stability of our fragrances.

Clean Enough

Fragrances formulations is a clean process, performed under high hygiene standards and environmental regulations in our Laboratories.

Easy to Go

Fragrance Formulations is a "Easy to go" manufacturing process, professional yet simple procedure, done by Perfumery Solutions Experts, along with a close coordination with our Customers needs and requirements.

High Quality

After a Careful selection of essential oils with rigorous raw materials, and complying with international standards, Our Experts in Fragrance Formulation use their developed experience to deliver High Quality Fragrances.

Long Lasting

Perfumery Solutions Formulations are made of high concentration essential oils, with long lasting characteristics, ensuring continuous pleasure to your senses!

Safe Material

Our Fragrance Formulations are complying to the IFRA Code of Practice, respecting all relevant legislation, applicable industry codes as well as conduct & safety standards.

Standard Formulation

Our Experts are achieving Fragrance Formulations complying with standardized components and international formulations instructions.

  • Air Care
  • Antiperspirant & Deodorants
  • Baby Care
  • Body Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Fabric Care
  • Fine Fragrances
  • Hair Care
  • Home Care
  • Oral Care

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