About Us

Perfumery Solutions Fragrances is a family-owned Company, initially founded in Palestine beginning 1998, specialized in the development of Fragrance Formulations from Single Note, to Complex Combinations. The Company expanded rapidly over the next decades, created subsidiaries in Dubai - UAE in 2008, and Istanbul - Turkey since 2015. Since then, Executive Management and Sales Points are acting in these locations and PS Services and Products are spreading worldwide, including Export, Consultancy and Training Services.

Who We Are

Perfumery Solutions is a family-owned Company, founded in 1998 in Palestine, and spreading worldwide (UAE & Turkey), specialized in the development of Fragrance Formulations from Single Note, to Complex Combinations. Our Fragrances and Essential Oils are carefully selected to contribute to the success of our clients' products, always considering the latest trends and innovations.

Our Vision

We provide our Customers with innovations and inspirations that fulfill our promise of always inspiring more!

Our Mission

PS Fragrances mission is to deliver high quality products and services in due time, with very competitive prices, through straightforward and simple procedures, within business standards and principles.

Our Strategy

PS Fragrances wants to be a different partner, committed to do more, to keep client relationships, globally engaged, with continuous growth and development in an ever-changing world.

Our Expertise

Fragrances Formulations, Brands Creation in all Fragrance Applications (Body care, Home Care, Fine Fragrances, etc.) & Project design, execution and delivery of final product, along with continuous support, advice and consultancy.

Meet Our Team

The important is not only what you know; it is also who you know who can show you the path to success. Partnership is the commodity of the 21st century, and there is no meaningful develpment without partnership and the creative minds to recognize their potential. If, just like us, you believe in sharing knowledge, know-how and expertise, and put your best talents at the service of marketable initiatives, envisioning collaboration and partnerships with us, do not hesitate to contact our Team.

Shady Adwan

General Manger

" With great vision, we can see what is invisible to others, this is how we satisfy our Customer "

Mohamed Adwan

Accounting Manager

" The difference between fashion and style, fashion can be bought, but style is possessed "

Fady Adwan

Marketing Manager

" We provide you with fragrances that smells like life! "

Rajae Adwan

General Manager

" There is nothing more powerful than being remembered for a good smell "