All what you need in One Library!

Our Customers will have access to all fragrance categories; +21 different essential oils including Aroma-Therapy, Aromatic, Floral and Fruity, Woody, Oriental, Oudh & Mukhallat scents, and even Fantasy and Niche unique oils!

3 Decades Experience in Essential Oils

Under the leadership of Mr. Shady Adwan, Perfurmery Solutions Fragrances is growing more and more, applying almost 3 decades of experience, always looking forward to satisfying the Customer!

Great Solutions Touching Your Senses

Cutting-edge flavors, seasoning blends and a unique expertise in Fragrance Formulations for designing sweet to savory products, combined with an unrivaled knowledge of natural raw materials to bring you the best of Solutions.

Genius Fragrances - Superior Solutions

Perfurmery Solutions consistently targets to provide winning fragrances with superior performance, offering then to the Customer Superior Solutions to create his/ her own business or brand.

Meet More than 4500 Fragrance Oils

Perfumery Solutions is constantly following the changing global trends, and updating its library according to the needs and demands of Customers, providing currently + 4500 Fragrance Oils, varying from Single Notes to More Complex Combinations.

Creative Fragrances Library & Laboratory

Continuously developing, PS Fragrances never stops growing to provide high quality products and services through Specific Market Research, seeking Customer Requirements, Laboratory activities, and Business Development.

Welcome To The World Of Fragrances

Welcome to the world of spectacular fragrances and essential oils! Perfumery Solutions Company is a leader in Fragrances Formulations, and Fragrances Business Creation, worldwide settled in + 3 Countries.

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Shady Adwan

General Manger

" With great vision, we can see what is invisible to others, this is how we satisfy our Customer "

Mohamed Adwan

Accounting Manager

" The difference between fashion and style, fashion can be bought, but style is possessed "

Fady Adwan

Marketing Manager

" We provide you with fragrances that smells like life! "

Rajae Adwan

General Manager

" There is nothing more powerful than being remembered for a good smell "

العينات والأسعار

Basic Order

$90 / 10 العينات

10 Samples - Size of the bottles 8 g each 90 $ Only! Try out our Samples of long lasting, sophisticated essential oils. Create your own Perfume. With only 10 samples, develop 164 different combinations.

اشتري الآن

Library & Lab.

$3900 / 1000 العينات

1000 Samples - Size of the bottles 8 g each All Samples are gathered in very organized chic fragrances Box 3900 $ Only! Creat + 10 000 different fragrance formulations Get advantage of the competitive price Take 1st step toward your own business !

اشتري الآن

Premium Order

$690 / 100 العينات

100 Samples - Size of the bottles 8 g each 690 $ Only instead of 1000 $! Create + 1000 different fragrance formulations Get advantage of our +20 fragrance categories (Floral, Fruiy, Oriental, Woody,Citrus, etc.) Work on various applications namely Fine Fragrances, Cosmetic Products, Home & Fabric Care Products.

اشتري الآن

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